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At Vietlesson we put the student first. Our courses are formulated to achieve a specific goal, combining all elements of speaking, reading, writing and listening.

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We are taking our students on a journey and as they grow, so have our courses. This requires a balanced step-by-step approach for the best results.

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If learning is fun, then learning is easy. Our lesson subjects reflect our passion to be different, combining traditional and modern teaching techniques.

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Living experience

There are many great reasons to learn Vietnamese, such as transforming your living experience, learning the culture, improve your employability or just to impress people around you, to name a few. Truth is, we shouldn’t need a reason to learn the language of the country we live, as communication is a natural Human instinct.
Ok, so Vietnamese isn’t the easiest language to learn! There, we said it. Of course it takes courage to make the first step, but like most things in life it’s never as hard as you think it’s going to be.


Logical teaching

You should be glad to hear then, that Lien, our Vietnamese Teacher has devised a very simple and logical method to learning the language. With over 6 years experience and 75% return customers, once people start, they continue on through the course range and are overwhelmed with their progress. For a full list of our reviews, just check out our Tripadvisor page.


Beautiful coffee house

Another great reason to choose Vietlesson is our location and surroundings. Set in a colonial town house in Tay Ho district, our location offers a tranquil hide-away from the hustle of Hanoi, with a coffee shop, and big spacious classrooms. A place to relax, study and order a smoothie (that’s not full of sweet milk!). I also recommend you try our Vietnamese coffee which gets great reviews. So in a nutshell, we have a comfortable location, a great teacher – who delivers tremendous results, with big value for money. Come and pay us a visit today.


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