How to say hello in Vietnamese

How to say hello in Vietnamese .There are a lot of ways to say  Hello in Vietnamese Language. It depends on who you talk to. You can address yourself and say hello depend on our age and the relationship between you and that person. In this lesson, we will learn how to say hello in Vietnamese.

1. Chào ông: hello/ goodbye to an old man

Hello in Vietnamese

2. Chào các ông: hello/ goodbye to old men

3. Chào anh: hello to a man who is  oder than you.

4. Chào chị: hello to a woman who is older than you

5. chào các bà: hello to old women

6. Chào thầy ạ: hello to a male teacher.

: polite particle: placed at the end of the sentence in the order to express politeness and respect.

7. Xin chào: hello in general

There are more way to say hello in Vietnamese, please our lesson on ” How to address yourself and others”