The Vietnamese Alphabet

Vietlesson: Vietnamese Alphabet.
Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam, spoken by ninety million in Vietnam and approximately three million overseas Vietnamese. Vietnamese Language has three main dialects: northern, central and southern.

The Vietnamese Alphabet uses the Latin script, based on its employment in the alphabets of Romane languages.

There are 12 single vowels and 17 single consonants in The Vietnamese Alphabet.

Learning The Vietnamese Alphabet is basic step to learn this language.


The letters “F”, “J”, “W” and “Z” are not part of the Vietnamese alphabet
The digraph “GH” and the trigraph “NGH” are basically replacements for “G” and “NG” that are used before “I”, in order to avoid confusion with the “GI” digraph. For historical reasons, they are also used before “E” or “Ê”.
D and GI = [z] in the northern dialects (including Hanoi), and [j] in the central, southern and Saigon dialects.
V is pronounced [v] in the northern dialects, and [j] in the southern dialects.
R = [ʐ, ɹ] in southern dialects
D = R : z (northen Vietnamese)
S = X : x ((northen Vietnamese)
Listen to the Vietnamese Alphabet song:

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