Vietnamese phrases for travellers

Learn some useful Vietnamese phrases for travellers will help you travel through this country will be easier!!!!!

1. Hello! – Xin chao! (sin chow!)

2. Goodbye – Tam Biet

3. How are you? – Ban co khoe khong? (ban co kwe khome?) also, Ban the nao?

4. I’m fine, thank you! – Cam on ban toi khoe (gahm un ban thoy kwe)

5. And you? – Ban thi sao? (ban ty sao?)

6. What’s your name – Ban ten gi (ban thane zee)

7. My name is… – Toi la (thoy la…)

8. Thank you – Xin Cam on (sin gahm un)

9. You’re welcome – Khong co’ gi (khom go zee)

10. Yes – Vang (vung)

11. No – Khong (khome)

12. Excuse me/Sorry… – Xin loi (seen loy)

13. Can you help me? – Ban giup toi duoc khong? (ban zoop thoy duc khom?)

14. I’d like to eat – Toi muon an (thoy moowan un)

15. I’d like to drink – Toi muon uong (thoy moowan oowanh)

16. Good – Tot (thote)

17. Bad – Khong tot (khome thote)

18. What is this? – Cai nay la gi (guy nai la zee)

19. How much – Bao nhieu (bow nyew)

20. Too expensive – Mac qua (mahk qwa)

21. Where is the nearest internet shop – Cho internet o dau (choh internet uh doh)

22. Where is the nearest bank – Nha bang o dau (nya bung uh doh)

23. Hotel – Khach San (khack san)

24. Hot – Nong (nom)

25. Cold – Lanh (lang)

26. Coffee – Ca phe (cah feh)

27. Hot black coffee – Ca phe nong (cah feh nom)

28. Hot Coffee with milk – Ca phe sua nong (cah feh sua nom)

29. Tea – Tra (chah)

30. I like – Toi thich (thoy tick)

31. I am happy – Toi vui (thoy vuoy)

32. I am tired – Toi met (thoy mate)

Vietnamese for travellers

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