How to talk about your family in Vietnamese Language

Family in Vietnamese Language:

Answer the following questions about family in Vietnamese Language:

a. Anh có gia đình chưa?

b. Anh bao nhiêu con?
c. Anh có bạn gái chưa?

d. Bố anh làm nghề gì?
e. Mẹ anh sống ở đâu?
g. Anh có bao nhiêu em gái?
h. Em gái của anh làm gì?
i. Nhà anh có bao nhiêu người?
j. Mẹ của anh tên là gì và làm việc ở đâu?
k.Anh có em gái không?
l.Chị có anh trai không?
m. Gia đình anh có bao nhiêu thành viên?

Gia đình tôi - My family
If you want to make a good impression when you meet someone for the first time, a good topic to discuss is TALKING about family in Vietnamese.

Vietnamese people really appreciate it if you talking about family in Vietnanemese such as: marital status about their parents, their spouses, and their children. If you asking and talking about family in Vietnamese Language. It means you care about our lives.

You can ask some simple questions such as:

Are you marrried?

Do you have boyfriend/ girlfriend?

When will you get married?

How many brothers and sisters have you got??

If you can speak some Vietnamese or show your interest to learn some Vietnamese, people will form a good impression of you as well.

Learning and talking about family in Vietnamese will help you in daily conversation