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Nouns in Vietnamese Language – Learn Nouns in Vietnamese

Nouns in Vietnamese Language 1. This Lesson we will learn NOUND IN VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE  Vietnamese words has a group of world call classifiers, which indicate the semantic class to which a class of words belongs. Classifiers NOUNS IN VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE express a wide range of categories, such as size, shape, tree, fruits, animals, ect. Cái, con, […]

Tones in Vietnamese

I. Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) has six tones – TONES IN VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE 1/ Không dấu: Ba 2/ Dấu Huyền: Bà 3/ Dấu Sắc: Bá 4/ Dấu Hỏi: Bả 5/ Dấu Ngã: Bã 6/ Bạ: Bạ II. LISTEN TO THE FOLLOWING AUDIO – TONES IN VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE   Ba (Không dấu) Bà (Dấu huyền) Bả: Dấu […]