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A little about Vietlesson

From humble beginnings, Vietlesson has grown to become a hub for learning language to both the Vietnamese and foreign communities in Hanoi, with a diverse mix of courses, subjects and languages on offer. Our success has come from an honest approach to teaching and personal development by listening to what our students want and understanding what our students need.
In 2015 we evolved into Vietlesson Coffee House where students can benefit from elegant spacious learning in a quiet pocket of Tay Ho district, close to hotels, shopping centres, local restaurants and public transport routes. Our relaxed and traditional setting has large colonial classrooms and a tranquil courtyard cafe which brings our fresh, clean and green language school concept to Hanoi.


At Vietlesson we put the student first. Our courses are formulated to achieve a specific goal, combining all elements of speaking, reading, writing and listening.
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Experienced Teachers

A student once told me ‘The influence of a good teacher can never be erased’. At Vietlesson we are a team of qualified, native-teachers who are committed to influencing and improving communication in Vietnam.
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Unique Curriculum

Our courses provide a framework that encourages and motivates students to improve themselves and their opportunities in business.
Our courses balance the key elements of language reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and pronunciation, whilst keeping things fun, interactive and encouraging.
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Our two main languages at Vietlesson are Vietnamese and English. Lien has been teaching for over 10years and has literally written the book on how to teach Vietnamese in a fun and interactive way, with a simple methodical approach where all speaking, reading and writing elements are taught with real results. Our most popular courses are for beginners with some students progressing all the way to fluency.
Our English courses are no different, providing the foundation for Vietnamese nationals to learn language and soft skills which will catapult them forwards in their opportunities and careers. Our team of English teachers deliver a range of courses including beginner, communication, IELTS, hospitality & business. Vietlesson also offers business training consultancy services. Our goal is to improve communication in business for such a fast growing economy.
In both English & Vietnamese languages we have a unique training App, which follows your course curriculum, designed to improve speaking, listening and memory skills. This gives students an on-the-go education straight to their device, which encourages learning productivity whenever you have free-time.
Teaching English as a foreign language or ‘TEFL’ is a certified qualification available at Vietlesson. The 120hr – Intensive Course is designed to get you up and running as an experienced teacher in 25 days. From there you can apply for teaching jobs of a higher calibre anywhere in the world, with more money and benefits. Courses start monthly.
“Learn language and connect cultures” is a unique learning opportunity that Vietlesson students benefit, where everyday both Vietnamese and foreigners come together to practice their language skills. We regularly overlap Vietnamese and English classes by 15minutes and have speaking clubs at the weekend to practice conversation & correction between cultures. This increases understanding and improves confidence.
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Cảm nhận của học viên và truyền thông


Thu Ha

Joining course English for Hospitality and customer services was one of my best experiences in my life . Before attending this course , i was always afraid of talking to foreigners and making mistakes when communicate with them... Xem thêm

Thanh Trà

Đầu tiên, sau bao nhiêu lâu ko gặp, t nhất định phải bày tỏ niềm nhớ nhung và yêu thương sâu sắc đến tất cả mọi người ở Vietlesson Coffee House.... Lớp Tiếng Anh khách sạn du lịch và chăm sóc khách hàng của Sam Potter Đây là lớp học mình đã tham gia. Cái tên nói lên tất cả. Nhưng để cảm nhận nó tuyệt đến thế nào bạn phải tự mình trải nghiệm mới hiểu được... Xem thêm

Nicholas Bloom

Vietlesson exceeded my expectation when it came to my learning experience. I felt like I was consistently improving day in day out. Lien Hoang Le was an amazing teacher and was never shy on helping after hours with any questions. If there was a star rating on Facebook reviews, it would get a 5 star, no doubt.  

Hiền Vũ

Bạn Vũ Thị Hiền - hiện đang là sinh viên của trường đại học tài chính. Hiền đã gắn bó với Vietlesson hơn 2 năm. Hiền tham gia câu lạc bộ COFFEE TALK. Hiền đã tham gia lớp tiếng Anh Communication 02 của Vietlesson... Xem Hiền nói gì về Vietlesson qua video:  Youtube

Ngô Tiến Dũng

Ngô Tiến Dũng, là CEO của công ty về nhân sự CV2B, là giám đốc trẻ đầy năng động, sáng tạo. Anh chọn Vietlesson để học tập tiếng Anh lâu dài, lý do vì sao là Vietlesson mà không phải nơi nào khác, hãy cùng xem video nhé: Youtube

Nguyễn Phương Anh

Phương Anh - Hiện đang là sinh viên năm cuối của đại học Mỹ Thuật Công Nghiệp, khoa đồ hoạ. Sau đây là những chia sẻ của Phương Anh về Vietlesson: Youtube

Nguyễn Văn Sự

Đầu tiên, cho tôi gửi lời cảm ơn trân thành tới Vietlesson về mọi thứ. Đây là những cảm nhận của mình về Vietlesson: - Different (Khác biệt): Không giống như bất kỳ trung tâm Tiếng Anh nào mình từng học...... - Inspire (Cảm hứng): Nếu bạn cần cảm hứng học tiếng Anh, thì không nơi nào bằng Vietlesson.... Xem thêm

Share of Liên

One of our Vietnamese teacher and co-founder of Vietlesson

Lien is  one of our Vietnamese teacher and co-founder of Vietlesson. With 10 years experience teaching Vietnamese her passion has always been languages, and has spent many years developing her skills and style of teaching. With what started as one-to-one lessons has now developed into a 6 course curriculum from beginner level to advanced and grown into Vietlesson Coffee House language school and cafe.
Lien comes from a hospitality management background, being the general manager of a hotel chain for 4 years. Lien has two bachelor degrees in Law and English and a masters degree in English. Lien has also gained valuable experience working with embassy’s, NGO’s and private businesses as a translator
and interpreter.
When Lien started teaching Vietnamese there was no written book for how to break down and teach this difficult language. So she had to write it herself. That program is now broken down into 6 books from absolute beginner onwards. The success of Vietlesson is encapsulated by the results of our students. Once people try the lesson and begin learning Vietnamese, 80% of them continue through our courses. Which is a testament to Liens ability to keep the lessons fun and interactive, whilst being professional, engaging and fulfilling.
Lien loves travelling