From humble beginnings, Vietlesson has grown to become a hub for learning language to both the Vietnamese and foreign communities in Hanoi, with a diverse mix of courses, subjects and languages on offer. Our success has come from an honest approach to teaching and personal development by listening to what our students want and understanding what our students need.
In 2015 we evolved into Vietlesson Coffee House where students can benefit from elegant spacious learning in a quiet pocket of Tay Ho district, close to hotels, shopping centres, local restaurants and public transport routes. Our relaxed and traditional setting has large colonial classrooms and a tranquil courtyard cafe which brings our fresh, clean and green language school concept to Hanoi.




Grow the international connectedness of the community in Vietnam, by developing language and cultural understanding.


To provide a language service that can enhance and change peoples lives. Help not only speak the language but also understand & connecting with the cultures


  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Quality, professionalism and constant improvement
  3. Improving our community




We are proud to be unique, positioned as the number 1 destination to learn Vietnamese in Hanoi. 

Established since 2015. We hosted a range of Vietnamese courses from the Beginner level to the advance Vietnamese level. 

VIETLESSON is also a learning hub for English language development, with a full schedule of both children and adult courses available.

Our Vietnamese courses proudly boast a near 100% success rate from our foreign students, with 90% of them continuing through our step-by-step course system. The strategic and logical design of our 6-course curriculum gives each student a clear road map to success. Designed to guide you from a complete novice to fluency in just 12 months (but usually a bit longer).

Every year we host hundreds of new international students from all over the world, who embark upon their goal of becoming a successful Vietnamese communicators.

Vietlesson has developed a ‘how to learn Vietnamese book’, which will be published in 2021 and used in 64 countries around the world. We have also designed online English communication courses, as well as Vietnamese online courses, which students can utilise through our online App.

We have an abundance of success stories from ex-pats and travellers, who have achieved their language goals, by completing one or a number of our courses in our progression program. Examples of our student feedback can be found in one of the online reviews we have at Trip Advisor or Facebook page


Before we ever thought of developing VIETLESSON, or even before becoming teachers. We were students first. We remember all the good and bad things about places we have studied and the teachers we had learned with.

So this became our opportunity, to create a destination that we would want to study. A result-focused, dual language school, where we can create our own curriculums, teach about the culture, and provide value, and great service, in a beautiful location. Thus Vietlesson was born.

We have now established ourselves as one of the top Vietnamese language schools in Hanoi, where you can be sure to find a friendly welcome, professional training and a great Vietnamese coffee.

Why not pay us a visit?

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and give you all up-to-date course schedule information.


So what’s the formula of qualities a student should have to achieve their language goals?

Good study habits are formed by being self-motivated, the ability to persevere when the going gets tough, managing their attention in and out of class, manage their time and priorities.

And having goals or reasons why. So before you begin, ask yourself these questions.

  1. What is your “why”, what are your goals or reasons for learning?
  2. What will help you stay motivated when the going gets tough?
  3. When are the best times for you to study and complete your homework?

VIETLESSON will provide you with tools, which will help overcome any procrastination and help you get engrained in those habits early on. Such as our ‘Online App’ which is designed to give you the relevant vocabulary for your level anywhere, at any time. With just 10 mins per day or 5 new words, this is a serious game changer.


We host a number of the group speaking events, called Coffee Talk and Language Exchange, which are there to help you stay on track!

We have two clear goals at Vietlesson.

  1. Provide a language service that can enhance and change people’s lives.

This essentially means that your language goals are our goals too, and if you don’t hit your goals, then neither do we. We care about every student and try to adapt and go the extra mile wherever possible.

  1. Be recognised as a centre of excellence for language development in Vietnam.

Our reputation is everything to us, and we feel humbled when our students recommend us or write a review about us. But instead of being satisfied with that, we are constantly improving and developing to become better.


learn english in hanoi



Our first priority with any new student is to identify their language level. Anyone can book a free test at any time with a native teacher.

Many of our students are complete beginners, so giving you a ‘try before you buy lessons” is a great introduction to the language. This provides the student with a better understanding of who we are, their teachers, curriculum and location without any pushy sales tactics. Just some good old-fashioned customer service.



Our mantra is “Learn Languages and Connect Cultures”. It sounds obvious that in order to improve your language skills, you need to get out there and actively practice with locals of that language. However, foreigners coming to Vietnam although living here, don’t always find time or situations where they can practice their newly learned skills. Maybe at your company, everyone speaks English, or your friends all speak English and you find it hard to break free from the ex-pat bubble.

Vietlesson is a dual language school, offering language courses in English and providing Vietnamese courses for foreigners. This not only makes us unique but gives us a fantastic opportunity, which we fully utilise. We provide real-life training wherever possible. These sessions are called ‘Coffee Talk’ or ‘Language Exchange’. Each course you sign up for will include some of these classes aimed to increase your overall communication skills. Fully submerging yourself into the language and culture.


Coffee Talk: These conversational lessons are designed for our students who need further face-to-face communication training. We focus on different subjects for real-life situations, communication for business and play lots of fun, engaging games.

We learn new vocabulary and pronunciation techniques, whilst listening to each other describe different experiences and plans for the future.

  • Can you introduce yourself?
  • Speak about your family and where you are from.
  • Talk about your job and work experience.

We’ve seen exceptional improvements in our student’s skill levels since being introduced to Coffee Talk, and we are sure you will too.



Language Exchange: Here we welcome students of both English and Vietnamese. What better way to practice than with foreigners who are learning the opposite language to you? In these sessions, we spend half the time speaking English, and the other half speaking Vietnamese. During these sessions you are tasked with completing exercises, asking questions and gaining understanding. Your partner will answer questions and help correct dialogue and pronunciation.

Then we swap over, giving all students a turn in their learning language and a turn in their native language. This gives every student a chance to feel confident, and a little overwhelmed in the same session. Whatever nerves or barriers exist in the beginning soon fades away, and is quickly replaced with enthusiastic smiles and communication, becoming more confident as a by-product.



We understand that everyone learns at different speeds, therefore we never push anyone who is not ready for the next level.

Actually many students choose to redo a course twice before moving on as this helps create a stronger learning foundation.

No. 5, alley 15, lane 310, Nghi Tam street, Quang An ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

0868 420 777 [email protected]

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