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Interesting facts about Vietnamese language

  Interesting facts about Vietnamese language Vietnam has 90 Million people (11.2013). Altogether, about 93 million people in the world speak Vietnamese. The majority of them, 90 million, live in Vietnam, while the other 3 million belong to Vietnamese diaspora overseas such as Australia, America, Cz repuplic, Cambodia, UK….   The Vietnamese language has six tones. […]

Greeting in Vietnamese

Greeting in Vietnamese Language 1. Goodnite: chúc ngủ ngon. 2. See you again: hẹn gặp lại. 3. Hello: chào anh, chị, cô, bác, …… 4. Welcome: xin mời 5. How are you? : bạn khỏe không? 6. Goodbye: tạm biệt, chào. 7. Take care: bảo trọng. 8. Goodluck: chúc may mắn. 9. Have good trip: […]

Tenses in Vietnamese Language

Introduction: This lesson will firstly introduce the very basic sentence structure in Vietnamese. It then will provide detailed instructions on the formation of sentences in the present tense under affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. 1. Present simple tenseBelow is the very basic sentence structure in Vietnamese which expresses the idea that an action or event […]