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Language exchange is an activity provided by Vietlesson. This program is a combination between Vietnamese learners and English learners at Vietlesson.

When you join any program at Vietlesson, you can join this activity. We will choose the right level for students between classes to do a language exchange. The language exchange will go well with your current lessons in the class.

The activity aims to help students improve their language skills and gain confidence to talk to locals. You might know that speaking Vietnamese is very challenging for many foreigners learning because people speak so fast and Vietnamese is not used to slowing down to help foreign students learn Vietnamese.  The exchange typically involves speaking with each other for a specified period of time in each language, to practice conversation and build language proficiency.

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Language exchange can be a valuable resource for language learners at Vietlesson of all levels, as it provides an opportunity to practice speaking with native speakers, build confidence, and learn about different cultures.

The activity will follow the curriculum with games, quizzes, tests or speaking activity to understand each other cultures.

Regardless of our specialized and excellent method, language exchange provides a supportive environment for language learning and can be a fun and engaging way to improve language skills.


The Benefits of Language Exchange at Vietlesson: Connecting English and Vietnamese Speakers

  • VIETLESSON organized Language exchange activities for eight years, combined with our learning program to benefit students. Each language exchange is associated with your learning. Thus, you do not have to repeat the same boring conversation with casual language.
  • Students are required to stay on the topics of the activity. Therefore, they can’t go off the topic. This is an excellent chance for students to dig deeper into one topic.
  • We got the leader to help to get on the right track. If you need help, our leader will be there to help you. It is practical and professional.
  • By doing this activity, students can practice speaking real Vietnamese. For foreign students, it helps to build bridges between culture and language. Similarly, for Vietnamese students, it offers the chance to practice English speaking to improve their pronunciation and listening skills.


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  1. Set clear goals: Before you start your language exchange, your teacher will give you the topics. It is helpful if you prepare for it with questions or how to pronoun the words. This will help you to be in control and make the most of it. Also,
  2. Be open-minded: Language exchange is an opportunity to learn from others and broaden your horizons. Be open to new experiences and perspectives, and be willing to listen and learn from your exchange partner.
  3. Be respectful: It is important to remember that you are speaking with someone from another culture. Respect their language, culture, and opinions, and be mindful of cultural differences.

This activity is only for people studying at Vietlesson as it is included in the program series of courses.

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