Lien has been here from the beginning at Vietlesson, not only as our Native Vietnamese head teacher, but also Lien has single handedly written and developed the entire Vietlesson curriculum from start to finish (Vietnamese doesn’t have an Oxford or Cambridge curriculum or such like). We now have a 6 course language development program for foreigners needing to learn Vietnamese from absolute beginner to advanced or fluency level.

She hold 3 bachelor’s degrees (Linguistics, Vietnamese Studies & History), hold MA in Vietnamese Language & Studies from VNU. Lien graduated from VNU and Hanu University. Current, Lien is doing her PhD in Vietnamese Language & Studies. Lien is fluent in English, basic level of Chinese , Japanese & French Language. She is author of the book “365days of Vietnamese”

Lien is well known for her fun and engaging lessons, often having the class in fits of laughter throughout the class. However, don’t be fooled as Lien also brings a professional, no-nonsense approach, which is great for student motivation and getting real results!

You will meet Lien in Absolute beginner (A1), as well as Intermediate 1 (B1) and Advanced 1 (C1).


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